7 days countdown before taking the PHR exam, SPHR exam, or GPHR exam

Getting excited! Few more days to go and it’s PHR SPHR GPHR exam time. So what would you be doing these last days in preparation for your exam?

Think? Think? Think? Can’t think of one? Maybe you are super busy with your job or personal stuff and forgot to plan your activities. Others have scheduled their activities so tightly that they have no space for relaxation. Remember, your exam day is so near and you need to give yourself time to relax.

HR personnel I can say are one of the most organized people in the corporate world, at least. This is based on my experience.  I am looking at the internet to validate this claim, I cannot find one. Sorry folks, maybe I need to research further.  If you disagree with me or you have something to say, there’s a comment section.

“To-do list”,” garbage in and garbage out, “in-tray and out-tray,” these are the common things you would see in the HR offices. And you’ll often see a big bulletin board/cork board which shows their monthly or year-round calendar of activities sometimes referred to as deliverables, Key Result Areas and Targets.

As a reflection of our own HR culture, we apply these to-do lists in our daily activities, be it written or just in our head.  I used to write ideas in a stick-on pad even in the middle of the night and put it in my wallet or save it on the mobile phone whichever is closer to my bedside. Thanks to technology —if there is one department that is benefited mostly by these inventions, it’s the HR department.

This time around, you should be planning your review activities, whether you are an HR guy or not. You need to focus and concentrate on your review and come up with a plan, at least days before the exam day. Here’s my shot, a short list of activities that examinee should be doing a week before the exam with the thinking that everybody is free. I hope examinees who are working have taken leave of absence for their exam prep.

Day 1:  Take a post test. If you have taken the online pre-test post –test route in your review process, this is the best time to take the post test. Why? You have at least 7 days to review certain areas to improve on based on the post –test results.

Day2: Visit Barnes and Noble or Borders. It’s nice to have a cup of coffee in Starbucks while reading something. (I am not making an ad here.) After that, go window shopping or watch a movie. If you have something to splurge yourself, go by all means. Don’t deprive yourself; after all it’s the reason why we work.

Day3: Visit some old friends or relatives.  It’s relaxing to be with friends or relatives once in a while. The occasional detour of your daily routine will spell the difference.

Day 4: Review.  Review the areas that you need to focus on based on the results of your post test.

Day5. Rinse. This is the time to have a quick look at all the shortcuts (mnemonics) you have and other review notes.

Day 6. Exercise.  This is the best time to release the toxin or bad air. Jog along the boulevard or in the park. If not, do it at home with your favorite tune. As much as possible, don’t attempt to review. Day 5 should be your last day in reviewing. Don’t cram.

Day7. Watch TV or do menial job and go to bed early.  Do nothing at this time. No caffeine please. It will just make you awake. It’s a must that your body is prepared (physically and mentally) for the next day—your exam day.

Exam Day:

Arrive early at the Prometric Testing Center. Execute all the PHR SPHR GPHR exam tips you have learned from your readings and concentrate on your exam. This is the moment you are waiting for. It’s either make it or break it. Good luck!

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  2. Johnny Rodriguez 24. May, 2011 at 2:50 pm

    Excellent tips! great help!

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